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Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer DLC

Xbox One Launch Title - Crytek


Ryse multiplayer involves two player cooperative game modes. The players can level up, collect gold and purchase new items to improve their gladiator. The player selects a playlist or a map they want to play, once in game they must select one of four gods that grant them different powers. There are two game modes:


Horde, where the player must complete objectives to progress through the map.


Survival mode, where the players must battle increasing difficult waves of AI and trap compositions. Their health slowly drains at first but increases in speed over time. The player can regain health through god powers, killing enemies, reward shrines and equipment.

I was tasked with creating one of the first Survival maps, this involved redesigning Survival mode itself. I also created two survival maps, this involved documentation, paper layouts, whitebox, initial art pass, wave compositions, markup, optimization, balancing and bug fixing.


DLC 2 - Dockyard

DLC 3 - Island

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